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                Разработка урока в 10 классе на тему: "Australia we haven’t known"


                1.      to revise the material on the topic;

                to develop students’ intellectual abilities according to the topic;

                2.      to develop skills in reading, listening, writing;

                to teach students to express their opinion;

                to develop students’ skills and habits of prepared and unprepared speech (individually, in pairs and groups);

                3.  to teach to respect traditions, customs and to understand the culture of other



                The cassette player, copies of the text materials to give out, pictures of the views of Australia, playfields and dice for games, material for application, placards for the word power game, language support, proverbs, sheets of paper to make up sentences, Balmont’s portrait and his poem about Australia, Australian dollars for game, magnets. 

                 The plot

                 1. Greetings. Introduction to the lesson.

                 Good morning, dear friends! I am very glad to see you. Today we are going to make a very enjoyable trip to a wonderful country situated on a green continent.

                What country is it? (Ученики отвечают на вопрос, приводят факты и аргументы.)

                 The aim of our lesson is to read, listen, find out and tell about Australia.

                Why have we chosen this topic to discuss? (Учащиеся отвечают на вопрос.)

                 2.Warming up.

                 Do you want to go there? I would like to know if you are ready for traveling. I have prepared some questions for you. Use language support! Приложение 1

                Ученики дают полные ответы на следующие вопросы учителя:

                Do you like traveling?

                What way do you like traveling?

                What does traveling give you?

                 Is it useful? Why?

                 Have you ever been to Australia?

                 What is Australia rich in?

                 What is the main industry in Australia?

                 3.      Phonetic drill

                 Look at the blackboard! You see some proper names, you need to read them correctly.

                Australia – Australian; Sydney – Sydneysiders; Melbourne – Brisbane;

                Indian – Pacific; Murrey – Darling; Equator – hemisphere; Botany Bay – Coral Sea; Great Barrier Reef.

                4.      Practice

                a)      Word power game (на доске плакат по теме «Путешествие»)

                 Look at this placard! Let’s see how many words you know. (Ученики называют слова, относящиеся к теме «Путешествие»)

                b)      I invite you to play a game «Tell us about Australia».

                You see fields for a game and dice for everybody. I am the first to begin. You are the next. (Учащиеся составляют различного рода предложения с «выпавшим» словом. Если выпадает знак вопроса, то составляется вопросительное предложение по теме). <Рисунок 1>

                 5.      Reading

                a) I want to read some information for you. Listen to it and say what countries are described. Why do you think so? Приложение 2

                b) It is your turn to read. Read and say what is true and what is false. Why? Приложение 3

                c) Do you like reading Russian poems? I’d like Olga to recite one of them.

                Ученица читает наизусть стихотворение Константина Бальмонта. Приложение 4

                d) Do you like this poem? Who is its author? I want you to read Balmont’s biography and to say what you have known about him. Приложение 5

                 6. Listening

                a) Listen to the cassette player! The task is to understand who else has ever been to Australia. Write down the information into the table! Приложение 6

                 7. Relaxing

                а) Let’s play a game! It’s called «Jeopardy». <Рисунок 2>

                If you want to visit Australia you need much money. What is Australian money? (Ученики отвечают на вопрос.) <Рисунок 3>

                Choose the number of the questions. If you want to answer an easy question, choose a $10 or $20 one. The $50 and $80 questions are more difficult. The most difficult ones cost $100.

                Begin so, - “I choose the question number 1 which costs $10”.

                Let’s try to earn money! Приложение 7

                b) How many dollars have you earned? (Ученики подсчитывают количество заработанных долларов, озвучивают сумму.) You are rich now. You have an opportunity to go to Australia where it is autumn now. It’s unusual for us. What unusual things do you know else? (Ученики отвечают на вопрос.)

                8. Reading «Christmas in Australia» Приложение 8

                (Задания: Answer the questions; Right or wrong; Define the tenses; Discuss; Tell what you have known about Australia).

                9. Making up sentences Приложение 9

                There are words on sheets of paper (предварительно разрезать таблицу на квадраты). Take them and make up sentences about Australia and Australians.

                 10. An oral essay

                You have read different guides, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers and I want to listen to your speech. Would you like to live in Australia? Why? Why not?

                 11. Pair work (Одна - две пары учащихся раскрывают тему эссе в диалоге.)

                12. Summing up

                a) Let’s make an application!

                What is Australia for everybody of us? Use language support! Приложение 1

                 I’m the first. I believe Australia is a green continent because there is much greenery.

                б) We have made a flower! The flower is unusual like Australia itself.

                 <Рисунок 4>

                13. Marks

                I thank you for your excellent work and give only good marks. The lesson is over, good bye!



                Приложение 1

                Language support

                I consider…

                To cut my story short…

                I believe…


                Frankly speaking…

                First, …

                Second,  …

                Third, …

                What is more…

                That’s why…

                I really enjoy…

                I’m extremely interested in…

                I agree with the view that…

                I’d like to tell about…

                I don’t quite understand…

                I’d like to know…

                In my opinion…

                From my point of view…


                Приложение 2


                What countries are described?

                 A     It’s the second largest country in the world. It is located on the North American continent. This country has two official languages: English and French. It’s washed by the Arctic Ocean in the north and borders on the USA in the south. Ice – hockey is the national game in this country. People like skiing, skating, because there is much snow in winter.

                B     It’s a country, an island, a continent. It’s called a green continent. It lies south of the Equator. It is the home country for the Olympic Games. The last Olympic Games were held there in 2000. This country is surrounded by the sees and oceans, but it suffers from the limited fresh water.

                C     It is an island state. It consists of two large islands and several smaller ones. Its climate is unusual, because it is often foggy. Like fairy tales this country has the Queen. Robin Hood is the national hero of the country.

                D     It’s a huge country, which is situated both in Europe and Asia. A birch is a national tree there. It’s a country of big forests, deep lakes, long rivers, high mountains. The two – headed eagle is the symbol of the state. The head of it is the President.

                E     It’s an island country. It is situated in the Far East. This country has an Emperor. Sakura is a national tree. Ikebana is a hobby for many people in this state.


                Приложение 3

                True or false

                 a)      Australia is the smallest continent. It is the 6th in size after Russia, Canada, China, the USA and Brazil.

                b)      For the first time Australia was discovered by Dutch travelers. But they didn’t like this land and came back to Europe. Captain Cook hosted the British flag in 1770.

                c)      Australia is situated in Asia. It’s washed by the Arctic and the Atlantic oceans.

                d)      The Urals are in Australia. They are the highest mountains. The Volga is the longest Australian river.

                e)      Australia is an unusual country. It has different climatic regions, from warm to tropical and subtropical. The sun shines all the year round. January is the hottest month in the country.

                f)        Australia is the country of sports. Ice-hockey is the national sport game in Australia, because ice-hockey was born there.

                g)      Green, white and blue are the colors of the Australian flag. It looks like the French flag because people from France were the first settlers in Australia.

                h)      Australia is famous for unusual birds, animals, plants, trees, flowers. A kangaroo is a symbol of the country.


                 Приложение 4


                Konstantin Balmont

                 Australia was an exotic place for him. He had a chance to compare his imagination to reality. He saw that the country with the exotic nature, unusual birds, plants and animals was also a modern society, which bred sheep, made machines and built railroads.

                Австралийский чёрный лебедь на волне,

                Словно в сказке на картинке, виден мне.

                Настоящий проплывёт передо мной,

                Весь змеиный, весь узорный, вырезной.


                И воистину влечёт меня в игру

                Настоящими прыжками кенгуру.

                И в хранимом зачарованном прудке

                Светят лотосы во влажном цветнике.


                Голубеет эвкалипта стройный ствол,

                Куст невиданной акации расцвёл.

                Как колибри, медонос припал к цветку,

                Птица – флейта засвирелила тоску.

                И хохочут зимородки по ветвям,


                Словно в сказке, что сказали в детстве нам.

                Только это всё лишь малый уголок –

                Громче пенья птиц на фабрике гудок.


                Нет Австралии тех детских наших дней,

                Вся сгорела между дымов и огней.

                И от города до города всегда

                Воют, копоть рассевая, поезда.


                K. Balmont was disappointed by the ecological problems in Australia.

                Приложение 5


                Константин Бальмонт родился в 1867 году во Владимирской губернии. Он принадлежал к писателям серебряного века. В 1886 году он поступил в Московский университет. В 90-х годах он посетил Испанию, Италию, Францию. В 1887 году приехал в Англию, где читал лекции в Оксфорде по русской поэзии. В 1904 году совершил кругосветное путешествие и посетил Австралию, которая была для него экзотичной страной. В 1942 году он умер в Париже.


                Приложение 6



                When was she (he) in Australia?

                Konstantin Balmont

                a poet


                Peter Potoski

                an army officer, a Russian sailor


                Nikolai Miklou-Maclay

                a traveler, established a marine bacteriological station


                Anna Pavlova

                a ballet dancer


                Fyodor Shalyapin

                a singer



                 Приложение 7

                Вопросы к игре «Jeopardy»

                $10      1.What is the capital of Australia?

                            2. What is the official language in Australia?

                            3. Who discovered Australia?

                            4. What is the national symbol of Australia? 

                $20      1. What unusual animals and plants are there in Australia?

                            2. Who are the native people in the country?

                $50      1. When and where were the Olympic Games held?

                            2. What city is called Paris of the Pacific?

                $80      1. Why is English the official language?

                            2. Who was the first to discover Australia?

                $100    1. Who is symbolically the head of Australia? Why?

                            2. Why does Australia have unusual climate and unusual animals and      



                Приложение 8


                Christmas in Australia

                Most Australians have been dreaming of a white Christmas. But the traditional European Christmas is just a myth for Australians. Santas don’t fit with Australia’s thirty – degree heat. They have their own Christmas, Australian style.

                Christmas in Australia happens in summer. The children learned songs like Frosty Snowman and Jingle Bells. On the postcards white winter scenes were published. These days it’s rare to find a flake of snow on Christmas cards. Now publishers print Christmas cards with native animals and plants. On Christmas day you’ll find a number of children on the beach playing, swimming, surfing, building sand-castles instead of making snowmen. A beach towel is the most typical Australian Christmas present. They are usually outdoors in shorts and T- shirts eating barbecue. There are a lot of festivals and carnivals on Christmas days. Christmas in Australia is a holiday of sunshine, surf and sand.


                Приложение 9

                Making up sentences








                Doing the shopping


                Celebrating Christmas 




                Playing sports




                Roller - skating


                Lying in the sun


                Driving scooters




                Visiting cafes


                Motor - cycling


                Going to Bondi Beach


                Visiting friends




                Nicole Kidman


                The Summer Olympic Games


                 The Great Barrier Reef 


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